Cosmetic Dentistry

Not everyone is pleased with the way their smile looks. Some desire an enhancement that will help them feel confident in the way they look. Cosmetic dental treatments are the best way to improve the aesthetics of your smile if there are one or more areas that are causing concern. At Abel, Phan, & Associates, our team offers a variety of services to address your smile’s appearance. 

Cosmetic Services in Sterling and Ashburn 

Dr. Anna Abel and Chuong Phan have years of experience performing cosmetic dental procedures on patients. From teeth whitening to clear braces, there are several procedures available to address your specific needs. 

All treatments are tailored to your existing smile. Our goal is to help you look as natural as possible while increasing the amount of confidence you feel. Any restoration that we use, such as a crown or veneer, is fabricated to blend in with the aesthetics of your smile, ensuring that you are receiving a natural enhancement rather than an entire augmentation. 

Some of the procedures we provide include:

- Veneers: correct small gaps, minor chips and cracks, and uneven teeth
- Teeth Whitening: brightens teeth using either an in-office procedure or a take-home whitening kit
- White fillings: ceramic resin designed to match your teeth and used to fill in holes created by tooth decay
- Dental implants: replace missing teeth with a titanium root and an all-porcelain crown
- Crowns: replace or restore damaged or weakened teeth and are used in conjunction with dental implants
- ClearCorrect®: cosmetic braces that correct minor malocclusion and straighten teeth quickly

The cosmetic procedure you receive will depend on the particular issues you are facing. During a consultation in our office, you can discuss the problems you have with your smile. After an examination that confirms there are no underlying concerns, you and your dentist can review the various options that are available. 

Combining Form and Function

Along with the many benefits that come with cosmetic dental services, they also contain restorative benefits that often remain unheard of. Not only will you receive a beautiful smile at the end of your treatment, but also your teeth can, at times, function better once they have undergone treatment.

You might find that it’s easier to speak, chew, brush and floss with a newly-improved smile, which should boost oral health for long-term improvement.

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